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Get Your Home A Premium And Avant-garde Air Purified Named Ion Pure Comes With Mind-blowing Features To Turn The Atmosphere Healthy For You And Your Family Members In This World Of Pollution. Now You Will Be In Breath Fresh And Pollution-free Surroundings. 

Regular Price: $111/device
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3 Simple Steps to Clean, Healthy Air

step 1
Step 1
Plug the unit directly into a regular wall outlet
step 2
Step 2
Check that the blue LED light has turned on
step 3
Step 3
Leave the unit in the wall to purify the air - no further action is needed.
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What is Ion Pure?

Ion Pure is a cutting-edge air purifier engineered with avant-garde technology to turn the surroundings healthy, pollution-free, and allergen-free for you and your loved ones. It works beyond being an air purifier for the surroundings as it also withstands pollutants and allergens to make the air healthier and filtered for breathing.

You may not know, but many germs are rolling in the air, the air you are breathing in due to the pollution level. Therefore, most experts are forcing people to love hygiene and take good care of it. Our experts developed this product to add to your tasks of hygiene.

Pet smells, cigarette smoke, fungi, and mildew are nightmares for human health. They spread to your natural air and the germs get into the body while you breathe. All these things make it essential to buy your home an intelligent Air Purifier.

This device is equipped with high-tech components that identify germs and eliminate them from the air. It is specially crafted to help people improve their health and is highly helpful for chemically sensitive patients. The device doesn’t require any chemicals to function. 

Ion Pure Reviews

Corinne G. | Bloomington, IN
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star

I suffer from chronic allergies, particularly in the summer. While there’s probably nothing that will eliminate my allergies entirely (not even my Allegra), the IonPure has made a huge difference. It’s such a simple thing to use and I can literally feel the better air quality when I breathe and honestly in my overall health. This little thing is truly a life saver if you have allergies.

Kimberly E. | Hope, KS
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star

I started working from home last year and I have to say I didn’t realize how bad my air quality was until I had to sit in it all day. After a few months I noticed a higher level of congestion that even made it hard to sleep. Once I started using IonPure the problem absolved itself in just less than a week. I even bought 3 more to put in my kids’ room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. We honestly can’t live without them now.

Curtis L. | Clanton, AL
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star

So I just moved into a new apartment in Chicago where the previous tenant was a smoker. I tried everything I could to get rid of the dank, musty smell like scrubbing, opening the windows, spraying with Febreze, blasting fans, everything. It either worked temporarily or just covered it up. The IonPure actually got rid of the odors and toxins which removed the musty smell entirely. It was super easy!


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Key Features of Ion Pure

  • Noise-free Operation

    The product is engineered with ultra-premium components and is manufactured through high-end machinery. Furthermore, the product is tested by our experts from their hands, not any supervisor or someone, just to ensure the premium quality of the product.

    That’s the reason why the device operates silently while purifying the air impeccably leaving no contaminants or intoxicants in the atmosphere and turning them harmless instantly. Your night’s sleep won’t get disturbed even slightly and you’ll relax in a calm environment.
  • Ionization and Oxygenation Technology

    An air ionizer is a device that emits negative ions into the air. As they are released into the air, they begin to attach with tiny particles, these are contaminants and pollutants in the air. It gives them an electric charge once they are attached to negative ions. They fall on the ground and become harmless.

    It’s the mechanism on which the Ion Pure Air Purified regulates the atmosphere impressively. You will relax in a healthier and pleasant environment using this avant-garde technology as it also removes unwanted smells and leaves your space with fragrance.
  • Eco-friendly and Compact Design

    The design of this device is ultra-modern and premium keeping the current condition in mind because people do tours and trips, they need fresh air to breathe in because not all areas are clean and fresh. Due to less greenery, the need for such devices is rising.

    With a compact and ergonomic design, it’s a tiny device that functions like a powerful air purifier. Don’t go on it’s size, it’s more than your expectations. It is barely noticeable like a deck of cards, and is ideal for touring or trips.
  • Adjustable Settings

    The settings can be customized in Ion Pure as the device comes with adjustable settings options. You can control the device or set it up to your preferences or according to the environment. If you don’t understand the standard settings, read the instructions for more information to get control over the purification process.

Benefits of Ion Pure

  • Inexpensive Operation – Uses Little Electricity: You might be shocked, but Ion Pure indeed consumes very little electricity to calm the atmosphere which makes it both an economical and energy-efficient device for households. Energy bills are always stressful but do not worry while bagging this device.
  • Eliminates Contaminants and Intoxicants: The air we breathe in contains varieties of germs, bacteria, and viruses that invade the human body through breathing. It impacts your health and immunity. The offensive smells, fungi, and all the intoxicants become harmless using this device as it utilizes ionization techniques to make the air healthier and cleaner for breathing.
  • Maintenance-free Device: The material, components, and the device’s build quality are world-class. It was made highly premium and ultra-powerful. Still, the device is maintenance-free as it doesn’t ask for filter replacements. We have used all the ultra-premium components and most importantly, the ionization technique for purifying the atmosphere.
  • Better Sleep and Relaxation: Turning the atmosphere pleasant is the duty of an Air Purifier, and a good surrounding promotes sleep quality. By improving overall air quality in your bedroom, it creates a calmer and more relaxed environment for sound sleep.

How Does It Purify Air?

Ionization and oxygenation are the two principles on which the Ion Pure Air Purifier runs to purify the atmosphere. It begins to function by emitting negative ions into the air. These are the negative ions that will help in neutralizing the positively charged particles.

It will cause them to fall to the ground and become harmless, impressively eliminating them from the air. In this process, the Ion Pure Air Purifier targets various bacteria and viruses that also include strong odours, smells of pets, and almost all intoxicants.

An interesting feature of this air purification smart device is its design, which is compact and portable. It is portable, take it on your trips or tours and breathe in fresh and pollution-free air.

It’s as portable as the deck of cards, so it doesn’t burden your shoulders or hands. The device potentially fights viruses and bacteria, turning the environment healthier and more pleasant for relaxation and sleep.


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30 days money back guarantee

30 Day 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Ion Pure will be available for you to test out for 30-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It headphone may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Freshen Up Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Ensure you follow the instructions and guidelines provided in the box, unless you won’t be able to get maximum output from this device

✅ Choose a regular power outlet where you can plug in the device
✅ Check the blue LED light is turned on once you plug in the device
✅ Now leave the unit on the wall, and you are done


*70% Of Customers Order 5 Device (Our Recommended Option)

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Regular Price: $111
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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll need as many purifiers for as many areas that you'd like to treat. Simply plug in the PURE air ionizers into a standard outlet in one or multiple rooms. Whether it's your office, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, playrooms, hallways, garage, basement and anywhere else you suspect you might be affected by questionable air quality just plug them in and forget about it - No need to replace expensive filters. Many customers want to be sure the air at their workplace is fresh and then also start out with their bedroom and kitchen. But depending on your situation you can start with more, or less.

It's all about science. Our planet is charged with negative ions and these clean the air. Simply plug the Ion Pure Air Purifier into an electrical socket. Your Ion Pure then “pumps” negative ions into your home. The healthy negative ions bond with the harmful positive ions in your air to help reduce odor and dander molecules in your home.

This air purifier is good for you AND the environment. It produces ZERO pollution, consumes low energy, and is made with ABS material which makes it strong, shock resistant, and sleek. It doesn't require filters and has no maintenance cost!

Power: ≤1W
Current: 21mA
LED brightness: 10 ~ 20 Lux at night
Anion production: 8×106 pcs/cm3 

Please watch this 2 minute video to learn the easy instructions and settings for your Ion Pure:

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Device - $49.

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    If within the first 30 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Ion Pure, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the device and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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